Wood Floor Sanding

Hardwood floors sanding is the easiest way to restore the beauty of existing wood flooring in you apartment. The process involves removing the old layer of polyurethane to expose the bare wood and then fine sanding of bare wood to the smooth surface for new polyurethane application.

After fine sanding of the wood the next step is application of protective finish. The most common and durable finish is polyurethane. There are two kinds of polyurethane finish: oil-based, the most durable and less expensive, and acrylic-based, which is more expensive than the oil-based but equally durable.

The application of acrylic-based polyurethane requires more coats (at least three), but it does not create toxic fumes as the oil-based coating does. Therefore, it is more suitable for application in multi-apartment buildings in big cities. In single-family houses the oil-based polyurethane is still the most economical and practical way to protect the hardwood floors.

Wood floor sanding always creates some sanding dust while in progress. New sanding equipment uses dust bags to collect it, but there is always some of it escaping the machine collection process.

The best way for dustless sanding process is to use dust collecting machines and protect the furniture, appliances, vent openings, closet doors and front doors by simply taping over the gaps and grills with blue tape, and covering the large pieces with plastic foil. That will save a lot of time to clean up the place after sanding and before painting the walls (walls have to be wiped off or vacuumed after floor sanding process).

There are other methods to protect bare wood flooring, e.g. floor waxing - using paste wax and buffing machine or using penetrating oil finish (like tung oil) on wood surfaces exposed to outside weather.

The price for the hard wood floor sanding and finishing depends on the size of the floor, the way to access the job site (elevator, walk-up, restricted working hours) and the way to finish the floor: using stain, oil or acrylic-based polyurethene.

It is highly recommended to refinish wood floors before you move to your new apartment or house. While other renovation-related work can be done after you have already moved in (painting, kitchen cabinet installation). But to refinish the wood floors when the furniture is already in the apartment is both costly and uncomfortable. Properly refinished residential floors will last at least ten years.

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